Monday, 13 October 2008

Lace. Dare I?

Those tangly bits are my first attempts at a lace project. Bells is pseudo hosting a pseudo knitalong, the Long Lacy Summer and, although my self-imposed knitting challenges usually amount to naught, this time I'm going to try, try, and try again. I've frogged this only four times already. I can't really say what it's going to be, because it may yet not eventuate. The raw materials are Fibreworks 3ply Angora colour #7 and size 2.5mm sticks (I need pointier ones, I think. This knitting is so tiny.)

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Bells said...

oh it's lovely yarn. Keep playing around with it. You'll get there. And definitely get pointier needles. Addi Turbo lace needles and knit picks are both great lace needles. Although you might also find some bamboo will be nice - less slippery.

Another idea is that my first lace project was done on heavier wool, just so I could learn without that extreme fiddliness!