Saturday, 24 September 2011

Thank you, stranger

Earlier in this week in which nothing could dry my tears, I managed to learn some new crochet skills and use some lovely Fibrewebs yarn to produce the Urban Shells Scarf.

I do think it’s pretty and it’s soft and light and very wearable.

But (click away now if you have no interest in emotional tales) this week has been too too sad for me to delight in such things.  After days of anguish on my part, and pain on his, just yesterday I had to say goodbye to My Best Boy, Ralph. For twelve years he has shared my life, and I cannot believe the loss I feel. Pet owners, I’m sure, will understand. Others, maybe not. It’s strange how empty the house feels.
However, I want to say a very sincere thank you to that person who, all those years ago, took their puppy to the RSPCA because he ‘barked a lot’, and so gave us the opportunity have this sturdy little companion as part of our family. Thank you, stranger.


Michelle said...

Oh Nettie I am so sorry to hear about Ralph. He was part of your family - of course you're going to be upset! I am so sad about this news - I love dogs. And no amount of lovely crochet can wipe your tears away. xx

DrK said...

your crochet is beautiful, and so is your gorgeous ralph. i still get teary when i think of Scout, who we lost prematurely 10 years ago! even with 3 more mutts, nothing has ever quite filled her space, and nothing will fill the space these three leave, eventually. its a horrible feeling, you have my greatest sympathy. lots of hugs. k xx

Olivia said...

So sorry Nettie. I dread the day when I have to face that pain. They delve right into your heart don't they?

Hashi said...

Hugs. I love you.