Saturday, 22 May 2010

Winter cardi

Way back in February, some of the Canberra Ravellers decided on a Cardigan for Winter knit-along. Being February and all, some of us chose the February Lady Sweater. Now, it is a long, long time since I have knitted an actual garment for myself - probably since those awful jumbo quick knits of the 80s. However, monogamous knitting (mostly) through March gave me a great start, but then she languished, while I was distracted by gift knitting. Just days ago, I challenged myself to finishing my Cardigan for Winter before the first day of winter. And I did.
February Lady Sweater in Cascade 220 Heathers (from stash) on 5mm needles and three lovely pearly buttons (also from stash). I've been wearing her all day. I think I love her.
In other knitting news, I recently finished and gifted to the lovely Beth these Blackrose wristlets in Shibui sock yarn that I bought on my last trip to the States. I think I'll make some of these for me too.
And a little surprisingly, I've been re-learning crochet after many years absence. Requires way more concentration than knitting!
Before winter well and truly hits us, I escaped to the Central Coast last weekend to spend time with several of my favourite people. While the water wasn't too cold, I hadn't expected to actually be required to be in the water, so didn't take my cossie. But what two and half year old doesn't want a swim at the beach - whatever the temperature.

Lucky I had a change of clothes.


Rhonda said...

Your sweater is beautiful. The colour suits you too.

Sue said...

Beautiful FLS and the color is very pretty. I think you finished just at the right time.

Michelle said...

Beautiful FLS! I think it really suits you.

Olivia said...

That looks great! You really nailed it, great pattern choice for you. And it is definitely warm cardigan weather now.

Hashi said...

FebLady is very flattering on you!