Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Skirting around

In my efforts to find a skirt pattern that (1) fits me well and (2) suits me well, I have been playing with a couple of different designs. I wanted a skirt that has a small yoke, so I tried McCall's 5524 - it has a yoke and a bias skirt. After chopping 30 cm off the length - as it is designed for longer, lankier women - I think it's OK. I even managed to perfect the lapped side zip. Fabric from Michael Levine in LA.
Next I wanted to try a more A-line style, and with a centre back zip. This is Sidonie from BurdaStyle - also cut on the bias.

Notice anything wrong? It's maybe a tad short for me? And it's not even hemmed?! Yes, that's right, while I went to a bit of trouble to make sure I cut the right size, I didn't actually check the length. It is the non-adjusted pattern length, which is usually OK, non? Only if you want to sew a mini skirt, apparently.

I modified the pattern to remove the waistband and replace with facings, so that my bulky middle wouldn't be accentuated. Luckily it's made from a cheap vintage sheet. I'm thinking of adding some lace or broderie anglaise to the hem.

Next project: How to take a decent self-portrait (and remember to replace daggy Tshirt with something a bit more suitable).


Got It From My Mama said...

Liked your post think the lace trim would go well with skirt.

Michelle said...

I think they both look great! Go for 10 cm of peach coloured fabric if you want more length in the second one! (I love that trimmed look).

Hashi said...

Oohlala! You're looking good!