Thursday, 6 August 2009

Sister's socks

My favourite sister is an extraordinarily talented and creative artiste. She paints and draws and sews and photographs and does fabulous things with paper. She knits a little and can crochet better than I can.

When I visited her in April, she asked me to show her how to make socks.

I thought about it.

And then I said NO.

This is the last remaining creative pursuit on earth at which I have more skill. No, I was not going to teach her to knit socks. I would knit socks for her.

We chose some beautiful soft and squishy hand-dyed sock yarn at Wildfiber in Santa Monica. And I knitted her these socks. (The red bit is not some nasty frill at the cuff. It is the top of the sock blocker.) Waving Lace Socks from Interweave's Favourite Socks, in Pagewood Farm Glacier Bay Hand Dyed Sock Yarn, harvest colourway, on 2.5mm Knitpicks.

I think she likes them.


Hashi said...

You think she likes them? YOU KNOW I LOVE THEM! They'll be going up on my blog this weekend :-)

Michelle said...

I think these might be the favourite sister's favourite socks! Beautiful work!

Jejune said...

What fantastic socks! And very wise to keep some skilled secret knowledge to yourself ;)