Saturday, 22 November 2008

Some knitting

Again, I remind myself that this is a knitting blog. So some knitting will be shown. While away on a dreary work trip that involved not one but two overnight stays, I managed to finish a couple of small UFOs. One's just a little cotton dishcloth that has been lingering around for a while. Very plain, but the cotton is lovely and soft and was purchased for practically nothing at a jumble sale (and I have plenty left).

The other small project can't really be talked about as it may or may not involve a xmas present for someone who may or may not be reading this blog. But it is made from lovely hand-dyed yarn from Happy Spider. Here's a hint.

One of the other advantages of travelling for work (and there aren't many as far as I'm concerned) is that, if you have some spare time, you can wander the streets of the township, hoping to come across a LYS. And I did! At Knits, Needles and Wool in Launceston I bought some lovely local 5ply alpaca in a natural grey. The label says that it was 'grown in Tasmania by Concongella Alpacas'. Just right for a lacy scarf, I think.

And the other knitting going on is this gorgeous, gorgeous Hemlock Ring blanket made in Bendigo Classic 8ply, moss green colourway. The photo does not show its true mossiness.

I had been hoping to have it blocked this weekend, but that final bind-off row is going to take me quite a few DVDs worth of knitting time.


Michelle said...

You're being very productive!

The hemlock blankie is gorgeous.

Hashi said...

Blue socks? For me? I'm glad Launceston yielded a treasure for you.