Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Apron ingredients

So...I'm in my first ever swap...and it's an apron swap. I don't know much about my secret partner, except that she lives across the ocean, in another hemisphere. I have so much gorgeous stuff in my stash that I am determined to use what I have. These are my options (I think).
The swap has a summer theme (even though I'm freezing my toes off here), so I originally planned for a bit of an Australian-summer-at-the-beach theme, but my stash was not forthcoming with the goods. I'm now thinking of the muted yellowy sunflowery fabric, sort of sitting in the middle there - but what to team with it?

Oh bug**r, I'd never make a good designer.

Stay tuned, though, I plan to get it done and in the post by the weekend.

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